Julio M. Caraballo

Julio started studying Tai Chi in 1995 at Chen Style Taijiquan Research Center of Puerto Rico. He studied there for 7 years, during which he learned the traditional Chen style empty hands, and weapons forms. Since 2002, he has been collaborating and assisting instructor Emma Mangual in her tai chi classes, and workshops.

In 2005, Julio obtained his TCA Instructor Certification during Dr. Paul Lam’s One Week Workshop in Sarasota, Florida. His Tai Chi for Diabetes Instructor Certification was obtained in a San Juan, Puerto Rico workshop conducted by Master Trainer Jef Morris, in 2007. At present, Julio teaches TCA and TCD in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico.

Julio has many years of experience working as Radiotherapy Technician. He is married, has one son, and three grandchildren. Julio has a variety of goals and interests, but what he likes most is to learn, practice, and teach Tai Chi.

Julio M. Caraballo
(787) 755 – 0835
(787) 397 – 9953