Dr. Danielle Beauvais

Dr. Danielle Beauvais is a certified, licensed, and insured Tai Chi Instructor in South Florida . Fluent in Spanish, French, Creole and English, Dr. Beauvais conducts Tai Chi classes for her multi-racial community.

Volunteering at several Senior Centers in Miami-Dade has lead to Dr. Beauvais’ participation in a health fair that would change her life for the better; she met Jeff and Tony. She was the Creole interpreter for Jeff as he demonstrated breathing techniques to the participants. It was then that Jeff and Tony invited Dr. Beauvais to learn Tai Chi.

One week after receiving certification for Tai Chi Chuan for Arthritis from “Master Jef Morris”, Dr. Beauvais began to offer classes to the City of North Miami employees. The motivation was her quick recovery from multiple bleeding fibroids after thirty-nine years of pain and suffering. It only took five hours on four consecutive days of practicing Tai Chi to achieve this amazing result. Hence, Dr. Beauvais has become a full time Tai Chi Instructor hoping to help other people live a healthier happy life.

Contact Danielle at drbeauvais1@yahoo.com Phone: 786-287-7622