Who is a Master Trainer?

A MT is a person who is trained and authorised by Dr Paul Lam to conduct Tai Chi for Health instructor certifying workshops, like Dr Paul Lam himself. It does not necessarily mean that all master trainers are a master class of Tai Chi skill. We make great effort to master our direction in life, and that direction includes our dedication to promote the Tai Chi for Health programs to help people. What are the Requirements to Become a MT? Dr Lam believes MTs are the key to success of Tai Chi for Health programs, so it is vitally important that they have the right abilities and attitutes for the job.

MTs have made great effort to master the ability to: . Make the complex art of tai chi simple . Communicate effectively MTs are dedicated to the Tai Chi for Health programs, and have the right mixture of personality, training and experience to conduct the instructors' certifying class.

Prior requirements include:

. Being a organiser of at least two TCA/TCH workshops
. Knowing Parts I and II of Tai Chi for Arthritis thoroughly and being certified in both.
. Practice the Sun style 73 forms at a high level.
. Being a leader/instructor of TCA for at least one year
. Having the right qualifications and experience to conduct TCA/TCH
   workshops and communicate effectively with participants.
. Being prepare to be available to conduct the leaders (instructors) workshop six
   times per year (once qualified you will be required to conduct at least two workshops
   per year to maintain your qualification)
. Having a passion to promote the TCA/TCH programs for its health benefits
. Be nominated by a MT, seconded by another, approved at least half of the MTs in
  your country and by Dr Lam
. Holds a current CPR qualification or equivalence.

Becoming a MT is strictly by invitation. Once a MT candidate is invited to participated in a MT workshop, he or she would be prepared to do:

. Preparation: Extensive materials are to be studied. . Participated in MT workshops:
  A 4-day face-to-face plus one week "Exploring the Depth of Sun 73 Forms" workshops.
  Both workshops contain a comprehensive curriculum including in-depth knowledge
  of tai chi, teaching skill, how to deliver the program, the knowledge of chronic conditions
  and all other aspects of the programs.
. Mentorship: Required to conduct two workshops under a mentor of a fully qualified MT
  before fully qualified.
. Follow Up: MTs are required to practice, given personal support and access to technical
  advice and continued training.
. Updates: every two years.

Before a MT workshop is to commenced there must be a vacancy for a Master Trainer: i.e., when the present MTs cannot keep up with the demand of TCA instructor's workshops.

There are now (by March 2005) 42 MTs around the world including myself, together we work out the directions of the Tai Chi for Health programs. Our goals are to promote tai chi to improve health, and to upheld the high quality of our programs. Being a MT is not a decoration to your crown, it is an indication of your dedication to help others. MTs don't pay any franchise or license fees to Dr Lam. Tai Chi for Health programs are dedicated to the people. You can find out about the current MTs online. If you are interested in becoming a MT Please read the above requirements carefully. It is important to really know yourself why you would like to be a MT. Does all said above fit into your goal in life?

If the above descriptions fit your goals and you have satisfied the above requirements, please ask a master trainer to nominate you and another one to second and then the two master trainers will contact Dr Lam. You will be notified as soon as an appropriate MT opening comes along (please don't contact Dr Lam to ask him to put you on the list, but you are welcome to contact him for more information after you have read this article carefully.)

For your information: You can learn the Sun 73 at the annual one-week Sydney workshop (second week of January) or at the USA workshop (usually the middle of June). As an adjunct, you can purchase my instructional DVD of the 73 Forms, however face-to-face training is essential to reach a high level for MT requirement.

Do keep up with your interest and dedication to Tai Chi for Arthritis. It may sound like a lot of work to become a MT, if your goal is to help people with tai chi, then any effort you have put in will not be wasted either you would become one. Please remember, becoming a MT is like practicing tai chi, when everything fits into place at the right time and right place, the right event will happen like the water flows in the river. The flow comes naturally when everything is right.