Tai Chi for Arthritis
Instructor Training
March 26, 27, 2011
Saturday and Sunday
9:00 – 5:00pm

University of Miami Wellness Center
1120 NW 14th Street, 9th Floor
Miami, FL 33136  

What is Tai Chi for Arthritis?

Tai Chi for Arthritis (TCA) is an effective and safe exercise program based on a form of Tai Chi specially designed by Dr. Paul Lam in conjunction with his Tai Chi associates and a team of medical experts.

Based on the Sun style of Tai Chi, Tai Chi for Arthritis is easy to learn, effective and safe. It improves flexibility, muscle strength, increases heart/lung activity, aligns posture, improves balance, and integrates the mind and body.

Many Arthritis Foundations have conducted the instructors' courses with great success. And hundreds of thousands of people with arthritis have gained relief from their condition.

This program has been proven by clinical studies to be safe and effective for people with arthritis.

TCA is a program where care and special attention to understanding the complex and varied forms of arthritis has been an essential part of training of the Tai Chi Leader / Instructor. TCA can be carried out almost anywhere and it can be a most suitable and safe form of exercise for most people where special care and an understanding of specific health and mobility conditions of the individual has been an integral feature of the training of the Tai Chi Leader / Instructor.

This program does not provide qualifications as a Tai Chi Instructor accredited with the Australian Sports Commission through the National Martial Arts Instructor Accreditation Scheme, which includes the Australian Kung-Fu (Wu-Shu) Federation (AKWF) but persons who successfully complete the TCA course will be accredited with Dr Paul Lam's Tai Chi for Health programs to teach the TCA program as a safe and effective form of exercise in the community.

What will I Learn from the Course?
At the completion of the workshop, you will learn:
  • The 12-movement Sun style Tai Chi
  • How to teach this program effectively and safely
  • How Tai Chi improve health and arthritis
  • Dr Lam's stepwise progressive teaching method
  • Qigong for Arthritis
  • Essential knowledge about arthritis
  • Understand the essential principles of Tai Chi
  • To improve your level of Tai Chi

in a positive, enjoyable and interactive environment.

About arthritis

Arthritis in its many forms is one of the most common chronic conditions in western countries. There is no known cure for most forms of arthritis. Tai Chi has been known in China for centuries to be effective for arthritis management, and is being quickly adopted in western countries as an enjoyable therapeutic method to relieve arthritis pain and stiffness.

Clinical studies have shown the Tai Chi for Arthritis program effective and safe for arthritis. Click here for a recently published study at the Journal of Arthritis Care and Research of the program.

Tai Chi An Evidence Based Approach to Fall Prevention

One in three adults over the age of 65 takes a fall each year, according to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Treatment of injuries, due to falls, is rapidly moving up the list of most expensive health conditions. In 2000, the total direct cost, of fall injuries for people 65 and older, exceeded $19 billion. This financial toll is expected to increase, as the population ages, and may reach $54.9 billion by 2020 (adjusted to 2007 dollars).

There are many studies on measures to prevent falls. A recent review of 111 randomized trials involving over 55,000 subjects singled out exercising in supervised groups, participating in tai chi, and carrying out individually prescribed exercise programs at home to be effective. The researchers concluded that the effect of exercise programs in reducing the risk and rate of falling should now be regarded as established. This extensive study also found little or no clear evidence that some other interventions such as; drug dose adjustments, home safety interventions, or re-mediation, reduced falls.

Despite robust evidence indicating that practicing tai chi is one of the most effective ways to prevent falls, there remain skeptics who see tai chi as too gentle an exercise to have such significant effects. True, tai chi movements appear to be gentle and graceful, but tai chi is more than what meets the eyes. The flowing movements contain much internal strength, not unlike the power beneath a seemingly calmly flowing river. The objective of tai chi is to achieve physical balance by strengthening muscles and improving co-ordination, while at the same time improving mental balance.

A number of studies indicate that being confident results in having less falls, since the fear of falls increases the risk of falling. One could conclude, then, that practicing a mind-body exercise, such as tai chi, has added effect of helping to alleviate the fear of falling.

What Should I Wear?
Participants should wear loose, comfortable clothes and flat shoes suitable for exercise.

Includes mandatory copy of the Tai Chi for Arthritis instructional video or DVD, resource booklet, morning and afternoon tea.

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